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Endotoxin Exposure & Testing

Exposure to endotoxins in even small amounts can result in mild symptoms like headache, nausea, and chills or even more severe symptoms like pulmonary toxicity, abortion, pyrogenic fever, and even death (1, 2). Found wherever gram-negative rods exist, endotoxins are unavoidable in the environment and even found in food and water (1). The human gut, which is home to a multitude of gram-negative organisms itself, is designed to filter endotoxins out of our
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“Opioid Shortages Leave US Hospitals Scrambling” What to Do?

“Opioid shortages leave US hospitals scrambling” and like titles are making headlines. Manufacturing problems of injectable opioids has nearly ground to a halt. Hospital pharmacies are therefore faced with a shortage of needed staple medications. With manufacturing of injectable opioids not expected to be restored to its full capacity until the first quarter of 2019, hospital pharmacies are faced with the need to compound product for in house use. The FDA
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