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Water Damage Remediation Guide For Homeowners

Water damage in a home can be obvious. But, in some cases, water damage can develop gradually as a result of slow roof leaks, plumbing leaks, or HVAC issues. In any case, contamination from water damage may be dangerous for the occupants including pets. Ridding your home of contamination can be a long and frustrating process especially when you don’t understand the process. There are several steps involved which
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Helicobacter pylori

Helicobacter pylori is recognized as the main cause of peptic ulcer disease and a major risk factor for gastric cancer.  The prevalence of Helicobacter pylori infection worldwide is approximately 50%, as high as 80%–90% in developing countries, and ≈35%–40% in the United States. Approximately 20% of persons infected with H. pylori develop related gastroduodenal disorders during their lifetime. Initially non-invasive methods for the diagnosis of H. pylori are used to diagnose infection.  These include
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The Gut Microbiome Part 1 – Your Gut, Your Mood, and Your Pregnancy

The majority of bacteria in our bodies reside in the gut – Firmicutes and Bacteroidetes are the most dominant phyla. These, and other bacteria, are responsible for metabolizing our food, developing and maintaining our immune system, and cross-talk with our hormones – big jobs! (12, 13, 18) As such, when things become imbalanced or shift to less desirable populations the outcome may spell trouble. Several disease states begin in the gut or can be attributed
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Vaginal Microbiome Changes During Pregnancy

Countless changes happen to a woman during pregnancy. Among the most obvious are the physical and hormonal changes including weight gain, increased estrogen and progesterone, and shifts in metabolism. As a first-time mother-to-be, I am overwhelmed with all of the changes, both seen and unseen, my body is experiencing. Of course, the physical and hormonal changes are just a part of the complicated journey. What about all of the unseen,
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Endotoxin Exposure & Testing

Exposure to endotoxins in even small amounts can result in mild symptoms like headache, nausea, and chills or even more severe symptoms like pulmonary toxicity, abortion, pyrogenic fever, and even death (1, 2). Found wherever gram-negative rods exist, endotoxins are unavoidable in the environment and even found in food and water (1). The human gut, which is home to a multitude of gram-negative organisms itself, is designed to filter endotoxins out of our
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“Opioid Shortages Leave US Hospitals Scrambling” What to Do?

“Opioid shortages leave US hospitals scrambling” and like titles are making headlines. Manufacturing problems of injectable opioids has nearly ground to a halt. Hospital pharmacies are therefore faced with a shortage of needed staple medications. With manufacturing of injectable opioids not expected to be restored to its full capacity until the first quarter of 2019, hospital pharmacies are faced with the need to compound product for in house use. The FDA
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