microbiology specialists inc.

Environmental Microbiology Services

Our approach to environmental issues is unique in that we utilize our experience in clinical microbiology and in infectious disease diagnosis, to take a clinical approach to environmental issues.

Forensic bacteriology and mycology

Through the use of analytical experience gained through years of observation, we are usually able to determine the point of origin and path of bacterial/fungal contamination.

Legionella Testing

As a potential public health threat, the ability to culture, isolate, and identify Legionella is critical. msi is registered as a CDC Elite lab (see accreditation). We have an extensive background in culturing samples from cooling towers, water systems, hospital facilities, shopping malls and hotels.

Metalworking Fluids

The effects of bacterial contamination in metal working fluids can lead to biodeterioration and health risks. In biodeterioration, microbes can degrade the commercial value of products produced from metalworking fluids causing adverse economic effects. Health risks to factory workers due to microbial contamination of gram-negative rods and the endotoxins they produce, and acid fast bacteria make it necessary to culture metalworking fluids to maintain a safe working environment.

Water Testing

Bioburden levels of bacterial growth can also be conducted by performing a Heterotropic Plate Count (HPC) of non-potable water sources.

Clearance Testing

msi is licensed as a Mold Analysis Lab (see accreditation). In addition, under the direction of Paula H. Vance, a licensed Mold Assessment Consultant, we offer clearance testing of bioremediated spaces and other consultative services following water intrusion.